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2015 Lexus RCF | new model information and price

2015 Lexus RCF

2015 Lexus RCF

Lexus introduced the coupe 2015 Lexus RCF ahead of the premiere presentation at Auto Show in Detroit . This will be a direct rival to the BMW M4 when it goes on sale .
Is used to drive a new five -liter V8 engine that produces ” more than 450KS ” and features technology developed from supermodel Lexus LFA . It was confirmed that the RC – F have more power than the BMW M4 ( 430KS ) , but information about torque and fuel economy are not yet published.

” Our analysis showed that the atmospheric V8 engine for the best performance. We did not discuss any other engine. Intention was aggregate that can be quiet in normal use , but it delivers great power on the track . Discussed are hybrid technology and it might be one days might be suitable , but can not currently it operates consistently at this level , “said chief engineer model RC – F .

new 2015 Lexus RCF

Although the Lexus LFA produces since 2012. The car that still affects the engineering work on the Lexus models with the designation F and that the lessons learned while working on the car used in the new RC compartment . Version F is used as the basis of the standard model , but she ‘s added a few unique modifications , including special suspension , engine , chassis reinforcement and stylization exterior and interior .

” The LFA is still at the top of the F model and influenced the approach to this project.For example , the flow of air inspired by this model , handsomely to cool . We actively last lap which is activated at a speed greater than 80 km / h, the engine sound is tuned to achieve the sound of the LFA , and an optional carbon fiber bonnet and roof made ​​by the same company that created the carbon fiber for the LFA . ”
He says that the RC – F made ​​with the aim that ” everyone can fast it goes , regardless of ability .” Lexus engineer said that the criterion for RC – F is not any particular model from other manufacturers , but admitted that his team spent some time in the models of the last generation BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG to better determine the direction of development of their cars .


2015 RC F

The dramatic exterior look , according to Lexus , is not only a demonstration of capability , but also contributes to better performance . The hood is elevated to the RC – F compared to the standard car and made ​​a redesign rim diameter of 19 inches . The front bumper and wings contain air holes for better cooling and aerodynamic wings enhance stability at higher speeds . Aggressive design completed the quadruple exhaust system pipes on the back end.


The cabin is dominated by a central dashboard screen which displays different information , in accordance with one of four driving modes . Lexus has not yet been officially revealed that they are driving modes , but Jaguči confirmed that among them the option to ride on the track. Leather-trimmed sport seats are standard equipment , as well as a new sports steering wheel with gear shift levers.

2015 Lexus RC F interior 600x389

Standard coupe RC is shown in the Tokyo Motor Show last year in two variants – RC300H hybird that combines an electric motor with a 2.5 liter gasoline engine and RC350 , which uses a 3.5 -liter V6 .

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